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In collaboration with our extensive network of industry partners and solar experts, SEIA–-GASEIA’s parent organization–-provides comprehensive and current analysis of solar markets and policy through our research reports, white papers, fact sheets, and through our own highly-regarded staff.

Our resources are used by government agencies, solar businesses, and consultants to help them make informed decisions. SEIA is a constant, leading source for the regional and national data you need to gain a valuable edge in a competitive solar market. Click below to explore some of the industry knowledge available.

Latest Resources

Integrating Solar PV in Utility System Operations
As solar PV continues to expand, utilities are increasingly conducting studies on how best to integrate these resources into the grid.

Major Solar Projects List
The Major Solar Projects List is a database of all ground-mounted solar projects, 1 MW and above, that are either operating, under construction or under development. The list is for informational purposes only, reflecting projects and completed milestones in the public domain. The information in the list was gathered from public announcements of solar projects in the form of company press releases, news releases, and, in some cases, conversations with individual developers. It is not a comprehensive list of all utility-scale projects under development. This list may be missing smaller projects that are not publicly announced.

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