Who We Are

The Georgia Solar Energy Industries Association (GASEIA) is a statewide, non-profit trade organization representing the interests of the 146+ solar companies located throughout the state. Our organization serves as the voice for Georgia’s solar industry, working to remove market barriers, engage in solar outreach and education, and expand solar markets. We seek to encourage the widespread use of solar energy and maintain Georgia's position as a top state in the solar industry.

GASEIA proudly serves the 2,600 Georgians working in the solar industry and supports a statewide industry that generates approximately $180 million dollars in investments each year. GASEIA's diverse membership ranges from educational organizations to solar developers, engineers, distributors, and financiers. Our members conduct business in-state, nationally, and abroad, with individually-owned groups and large solar organizations represented.  We are the state affiliate for the national solar trade organization, SEIA.

Our Mission

The mission of our Association is to protect and promote the business interests of those working in Georgia's solar energy industry. In order to meet goals of advocacy, we have members working on behalf of solar businesses to foster a legal environment that enables solar energy companies to thrive. Over the last several years, Georgia has become the fastest-growing state for solar power, and we strive to continue shaping Georgia into a solar energy hub. In addition to legal advocacy, we establish programs to educate the public on solar energy and advance the usefulness of our members' products and companies.

At GASEIA, we encourage ethical business practices and high standards of reliability and performance. We are committed to accelerating the marketing and development of solar energy conservation systems, and work to disseminate trade statistics and relevant market data.

Consumer Protection

GASEIA joins the national Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) in working to ensure that consumer protection is at the forefront of the solar industry. We are developing resources designed to safeguard customer rights, providing a forum for members of the press, governments and other stakeholders to access materials relevant to consumer protection, and establishing pro-competitive guidelines for the solar industry to enhance consumer protection. Please continue to check back as SEIA's Consumer Protection Committee develops additional tools for your use.