On behalf of the GASEIA team, we thank you for your support. Through your membership, you are contributing to the advancement of solar technology in Georgia.

Members Include:

  • Solar Installers
  • Educators and students
  • Equipment manufacturers, retailers, and distributors
  • Building designers, architects, and engineers
  • Environmental and sustainable energy advocates
  • Policy analysts and planners
  • Consumers

Membership Benefits


  • Members become added to the Member Directory Listing, increasing awareness to your solar company within the community. In order to be included, simply contact
  • Publish in job boards — With membership to GASEIA, you can become part of a vast network of renewable energy recruiters, enabling thousands of solar professionals to access your information and connect for employment or collaboration.
  • Use of Logo — Members in good standing are encouraged to use the member logo on websites, business cards, and presentations.


  • GASEIA serves as a direct line to the state capitol, advocating for a legal and business environment conducive to solar energy growth.
  • Leadership opportunities — GASEIA allows for the potential to join the executive board, which furnishes community leadership experience while also opening up a larger network.
  • Membership within GASEIA opens up a range of discounts, from trade show exhibitions to car rentals and corporate.


  • Members receive a free, weekly member e-newsletter with updates on state, national, and international policy; business and financing; industry research; and general U.S. solar industry news. This is provided by the national Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).
  • Industry Research – SEIA provides comprehensive analysis of solar markets and policy through research reports, fact sheets, and a highly-regarded staff.
  • Webinars – The national organization, SEIA, regularly hosts webinars, which are free to SEIA members and feature experts from across the industry and cover a variety of solar industry issues. Members have access to all past webinars.
  • GASEIA provides templates and resources in the areas of legal materials (including a sample PPA template), marketing and PR, policy and education for small businesses.
  • GASEIA provides members with documents tracking solar projects, including a database of ground-mounted solar projects 1 MW and above, which is updated monthly.

Membership Dues

Membership prices are determined by your business type and the combined total of your revenue from U.S. solar energy related products/services and government-sponsored R&D from the last fiscal year. Memberships can be corporate--enabling all of your members to be eligible for benefits--or individual. GASEIA membership dues are paid annually, with memberships expiring after 12 months.

How to Join

Join GASEIA by emailing