On behalf of the Georgia Solar Energy Industries Association (GASEIA), thank you for your support. Through your membership, you are contributing to the advancement of solar energy in Georgia. GASEIA members include:

  • Solar energy developers, installers and asset owners
  • Equipment manufacturers, retailers and distributors
  • Policy analysts and planners
  • Building designers, architects and engineers
  • Environmental and sustainable energy advocates
  • Educators and students
  • Consumers

Membership Benefits


  • GASEIA is the most prominent solar energy policy and advocacy group in Georgia.
  • GASEIA serves as a direct line to policymakers at the State Capitol and the Georgia Public Service Commission by advocating for legislation, regulation, policies and a business environment that support the growth of solar energy statewide.
  • GASEIA membership provides the opportunity to join our Board of Directors, which shapes our agenda and offers community leadership experience and networking opportunities. 


  • GASEIA members are added to our Membership Directory, increasing public awareness of you and your company
  • Members in good standing are encouraged to use the GASEIA logo on websites, business cards and in presentations. GASEIA may also use member logos on our website.


  • Members receive a free, monthly member e-newsletter with updates provided by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) on state, national, and international solar energy policy, business and financing and general solar industry news. 
  • SEIA provides comprehensive analysis of solar markets and public policy through research reports and fact sheets prepared by its experienced staff.
  • SEIA regularly hosts webinars that are free to SEIA members and feature experts from across the solar industry and cover a variety of solar industry issues. Members have access to all past webinars.

Membership Dues & Levels

GASEIA membership is open to any person at least eighteen (18) years of age who resides either in or outside Georgia or any business or other organization located in or outside Georgia. Business dues are determined by your sponsorship level as described below. Membership dues are paid annually. GASEIA is a Section 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that dedicates 100% of our sponsorship dues to public policy. All membership applications are subject to GASEIA approval.

Platinum Sponsor (Board Seat)


Includes Board of Directors seat, regular updates from policy staff, monthly solar policy membership update, input and vote on solar policy, your logo on the GASEIA website.

Gold Sponsor


Includes monthly solar policy membership update, input on future policy, your logo on GASEIA website.

Silver Sponsor


Includes monthly solar policy membership update, your logo on GASEIA website.

How to Join GASEIA

Please submit a Membership Application at