Ga. creating solar jobs 6 times faster than others, report says

2/13/15 | ATLANTA—The various aspects of Georgia’s solar industry created jobs six times faster than the overall state economy, according to a report released Thursday by the National Solar Foundation. The report ranks the state as having the 14th largest solar-power workforce with 2,900 employees split between manufacturing, installation of solar panels and administration/sales. That […]

Solar Bill Would Allow Georgia Power To Lend Directly To Homeowners

2/3/15—A bill aimed at making it easier for homeowners to install solar panels is making its way through the Georgia House. It would allow third parties, including utilities like Georgia Power, to provide financing for solar installation. Georgia Power as a direct lender is a new concept, but one that bill supporters say will benefit consumers. […]

A new day for solar energy in Georgia

1/30/15—The outlook for the solar industry in Georgia could turn sunnier if a proposal introduced this year makes it into law. House Bill 57 sailed through the state House of Representatives’ Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Committee Jan. 28 and appears on a smooth path toward passage by the full General Assembly. “I’ve not heard any […]

Solar’s Southern Strategy Could Accelerate With Georgia Deal

The south could become the hotbed of the solar industry over the next six to twelve months if all goes as planned in Georgia. The state is a large solar market and third-party ownership has historically served to jumpstart the residential market. New legislation could kick off a land grab. The state has approximately 2.1 […]

How Georgia Power became a top 10 solar utility

5/22/14—While most other Southeastern utilities are still hesitant about solar and wind, Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power is rapidly adding renewables to its portfolio. By the end of 2016, Georgia Power will have nearly 900 megawatts of solar-generated electricity on its grid and will be delivering some 250 megawatts of wind-generated electricity. Does it know something its neighbors […]

The Army to Get 90MW of Solar for Less Than the ‘Avoided Cost’ of Fossil Fuels

5/19/14—Georgia Power, the state’s biggest electricity supplier, is planning to build three 30-megawatt PV solar installations for the U.S. Army for a remarkably low cost. The Army’s Georgia 3×30 initiative will build installations at Fort Stewart, Fort Gordon and Fort Benning. The forts will supply land for the arrays and distribution lines. The Army will […]

Solar power fueling job growth in Georgia

4/20/14—The state has seen a 225-percent increase in jobs related to the solar-energy industry — the highest in the nation, according to Rhone Resch, president of the Solar Energy Industries Association. Source: Solar power fueling job growth in Georgia – Rome News-Tribune: Business

Georgia has the fastest-growing solar industry

4/15/14—Georgia’s 225-percent increase in jobs related to the solar-energy industry is the highest in the nation as it plays catch-up to other states. Source: Georgia has the fastest-growing solar industry |

Georgia Power Changes Its Position On Solar Bill HB874

2/28/14—Even though a vast majority of Georgians support more solar, state legislators have continued to rely on the electric producers to dictate energy policy for the state. With the advent of renewable energy and overwhelming proof that solar in particular does not put upward pressure on rates proven by the utility’s own programs, state legislators […]